The Atlantic Mills Advantage

  • Rinse clean, dry fast, and stay fresh longer than linen, allowing less time for bacterial growth and reducing the chances of cross contamination
  • Absorbent wet or dry
  • Exceptional strength
  • Premium nonwoven wipers
  • Easy to use and cost effective
  • Reusable, durable, and disposable
  • Exhibit cloth-like qualities
  • Highly absorbent to pick up debris and spills easily
  • Convenient, protective packaging for inventory control
  • Easy-to-store 100% biodegradable dispenser boxes with QR codes that link to “How To Use”  videos
  • Color coded to prevent cross contamination and camouflage stains
  • 5-7 day towel life
  • Reduce costs over terry and rental towels

Onsite Training Right On The Box!

Each box of Atlantic Mills wipers is marked with a unique QR code that links to an exclusive “How To Use” video to easily and cost-effectively train Foodservice staff onsite and on the spot! Just scan the code on the box with a smart phone code scanner app and immediately view the video on your phone. Scan the QR code at left to see exactly how the program works!

To view the video for the Atlantic Mills Advantage click the link below:


The Disposable Wipers Advantage
Durable • Convenient • Color Coded • Economical