1. What are the advantages to disposable towels?
    Atlantic Mills foodservice wipes, are stocked in the same distributor as you buy your food items and usage can be monitored- the same as cups or take out containers because they are an inventoried item in your order guide.  You also know that you get a fresh and clean wiper every time you pull one out of the box, unlike linen rental towels, you don’t know where they were the week before.
  2. How long will a disposable towel last?
    Disposable towels are engineered for different usage levels. Depending on the weight and wiping application, when used properly, Atlantic Mills disposable foodservice wipers can last for several days. (Refer to product training video for proper wiper usage procedure to enhance the life of the towel)
  3. What functions do disposable towels provide?
    Atlantic Mills foodservice wipers were specially designed to be absorbent, resilient, soft, strong, washable-but do not put them in a clothes drier.  Through innovation and a conscience effort to provide a cleaner environment for foodservice establishments, we developed the Kerri Klean Microbe Guard® wiper, which uses Aegis Microbe Shield Technology® to keep the mold and fungi from growing inside the wiper leaving it fresher and less odorous than a linen towel.
  4. What is color coding and how does it work?
    By instituting a color-coding system, you are enhancing your chances of preventing cross contamination within your facility.  By designating certain colors for certain tasks around the establishment, you can be sure you are covered in the front of the house, the back of the house and all areas in between.  Color coding also simplifies your training process because it’s easy for your employees to follow and allows you to visually monitor if sanitation procedures are being followed.
  5. Will disposable towels leave lint?
    Lint left by stray fibers, is not a desirable or sanitary trait of any foodservice cleaning supply. The promise of a fresh-one-every-time wipe and lack-of-contamination by nonwovens is more compelling than ever in today’s sanitation conscience environment.
  6. What will my customers think of disposables?
    Customers have become accustomed to seeing disposable foodservice wipers in use at national and regional chains and associate this with increased cleanliness and sanitation.
  7. How much can I save using disposables versus a linen rental service?
    Operators report saving as much as 50% depending on your operation.
    AM Cost Saving Spreadsheet Disp vs Linen
  8. What opportunities are available for cost savings?
    Atlantic Mills is your partner in sanitation.  We don’t just sell foodservice wipes, we train and educate down through the sales chain to make sure our sales reps, distributor sales reps and end users are trained in the proper use of our wipers and the importance of sanitation within the foodservice facility.  We try to help increase the operator’s profitability by educating them on why having a more sanitary establishment will help generate more traffic to their establishment and offer a cost savings through training on the proper extended use of our product.
  9. What about hidden costs?
    Disposables offer a more cost efficient alternative to linen and eliminates the bags of dirty towels waiting to be picked up. Disposables have no lost replacement, environmental or fuel surcharges.
  10. What effect do disposable towels have on the environment?
    Consider the Impact of Rental Towels on Water Resources. The EPA says industrial laundries discharge more than 13 million pounds of hazardous contaminants into the public wastewater treatment system every year – and 80% of that comes from the waste water of laundered towels.